The birth of my son opened up a whole new dimension of my understanding of myself, of my purpose, and of Life itself. I have never before experienced such amazing strength, such power and focus – the strength of giving life. I realized I am that strength, I am Life! I am Life recreating itself one more time into the infinity.

It was mindblowing - I was so energized and HAPPY! I have never felt more present and more rooted in my own body before. A huge wave of gratitude and joy covered me forever - I feel so grateful, thank you Mother, thank you Father, thank you Creation! Thank you for this amazing experience to be HERE, TO EXIST, to be ALIVE! And thank you SO MUCH for the ability to birth my son and share all the gratefulness, joy, amazement, and love I am feeling of living this gorgeous lif. Thank you that I am able to pass on to him that precious experience, this amazing LIFE!!!

I felt the deep bond we all have as women, passing on this amazing gift of life from one placenta to the other, from one woman to another, throughout the years, throughout the centuries, throughout timeless and spaceless eternity. In the security of the warmth and darkness of our wombs, life is creating itself, and a new, perfect and unique human being is able to grow with such will and wisdom. 

In the soft candle light of my birthing room, my husband and I were intertwined and melted with each other sharing the powerful beauty of the sacred moment. In my own journey, far away in a trance-like state, I was also completely feeling my baby and communicating with him, dancing with each contraction and channeling the urge to push into deep earthly sounds. I was emerged into a timeless space, only aware of what was going on deep within our souls.

I was working together with my baby in a birthing pool in my room, surrounded by the unconditional love and support from my husband, my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, my wonderful friend, and doctor. Suddenly, my sister-in-law tells me – do you want to touch the head?


WOW! YES! His HEAD! I love you! I love you little one, I love you so much, thanks for being here! Thank you for choosing me as your mom! HIS HEAD!

Incredible – I am touching his head! It is coming out of my beautiful vagina, out of my own body! Wow! His head, so small, so real, so beautiful! My baby is getting born! I am caressing his beautiful head for the first time! I can feel his little hairs in the warm water, so amazingly wonderful and blessed and divine! My baby is being born and the entire Universe is here right now giving birth with us!

The strongest wave so far came, and I knew that he could be born if I just push enough. I felt in an instant that I have a choice – to push and ride the wave all the way, or to wait for the next one and take it really easy and gently. Eager to meet that amazing little person who shared the same body and soul with me so intimately for 9 months, I decided to push, and collecting all the energy from each cell of my body and soul I focused that immense power opening myself as a channel for new Life to pass through. He bravely seized the opportunity and came through on a wave of pure energy, coming out into a new world like a little fish in the water.

In the moment of giving birth, I felt connected to everything, to every little cell, to each and every plant and being, to all the planets and stars, to all the Universe which was both inside and outside of me. I felt WE ARE ALL TRULY ONE.

That feeling was overwhelming, so releasing, LOVING, JOYFUL and so STRONG! I was looking at MY SON, holding him in my arms and falling in love with the brand new face and body I was seeing. He seemed so peaceful and content, so glad he was here! Hugged and loved by his mother, father, grandma, and aunt, we all started singing his song to him giving him our happy welcome.

The experience of birthing was an initiation that transformed me. With a new baby, a new mother was born too. Besides being a mother, I became aware of the amazing strength I have as a woman and the full power of life I am so privileged to be a channel of. 

The magical realization that changed my birthing experience was that birth doesn’t need to be a struggle to overcome pain or achieve anything, if I don’t want it to be. All I needed to do was to stop thinking or doing anything and instead enter the temple of LOVE each of us has inside, at our very center and the source of our being. This quality of love meant total acceptance, trust, freedom, flowing, and joyful playfulness. The strength needed to birth a new life was actually pure energy and power in the form of LOVE and LIGHT. I felt as a root of Mother Earth stretching out and spreading life, so happy to share, so abundant and giving.

During the time since the birth of my son until now, I have been loving, caring for, nurturing and getting to know my growing baby, as well as myself. Honoring this sacred miracle, I am receiving the amazing gift life gave me, and discovering the true meaning of being a woman and a mother. I listen to my soul telling me things, while I am discovering and forming my visions and purpose. I listen to the beautiful and soothing song of Love and Gratitude, letting it overflow me, guide me and teach me how to love, live, inspire and share. I can hear my own inner calling stronger than ever, together with a calling of Mother Earth, to fully realize and create myself into a person who I am and who I want to be.

Sanda Baretic is a Conscious Birth Emissary, Mother, and Textile Artist from Croatia, currently living in Mexico. You can contact her online here: Sanda

The baby's experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum creates the foundation of the child's health and consciousness. 

A healthy pregnancy and a gentle birth creates the most pleasurable, intimate, and loving experience of childbirth for both the mother and baby.

It is essential for parents today to become conscious consumers, to do their research, know their options, and make wise choices. 

It is also vital for the mother's support team in pregnancy and birth to be gentle, loving, nurturing, and to prevent unnecessary intervention. 

Violence is the perpetuation of trauma and healing birth is at the root of healing violence in our world for the generations to come. 

We can heal humanity through birthing and raising babies peacefully and teaching them the way to be kind. 

Many blessings, 
Kara Maria Ananda
The Healing Arts of Birth have been practiced by wise women, midwives, traditional healers, and shamans for thousands of years. Healers around the world have integrated bodywork, energy techniques, healing food and herbs, and natural therapies to support women in the childbearing year to have healthy pregnancies and births. 

Natural healing arts can offer effective pain relief and support for labor and birth without any of the negative side effects that narcotic and pharmaceutical pain relief can cause. Birthworkers, birth partners, and pregnant women can all benefit from learning techniques and practices from energy healing, massage, craniosacral therapy, rebozo, dance, yoga, sound healing, and holistic nutrition for improving labor experience and outcomes. 

There are skills from the healing arts that can provide prevention of common pregnancy and birth discomforts, as well as improve labor experiences, and reduce pain in the birth experience. Energy healing and rebozo are two areas of natural healing arts that offer simple and powerful techniques that anyone supporting a birth can learn quickly and effectively.

Energy Healing can relax a woman in labor, ease pain, and provide comfort. Vibrational medicine can be used for a woman experiencing a natural birth or with an epidural or during surgery. It is applicable to all labor and birth situations to improve and ease the experience. One birth that I attended, a mother had an epidural and was experiencing great anxiety and nervousness, and her baby was needing to rotate more in her pelvis to be born. I simply put my hands on her hips and sent the baby and her pelvis loving energy. Within a couple minutes the mother turned to me and said with a calm voice how amazed she was that she could feel that energy and warmth and how calming it was, even though she was numb to a pin poke in that area due to the anesthesia. The energy was greatly beneficial and she went on to have a healthy birth.

Rebozo massage is a comforting and diverse skill from the art of Traditional Mexican midwifery using a long woven shawl to sift or rock the mother and baby for comfort, relaxation, and to improve the position of the baby. When I teach workshops the rebozo part is often a favorite of everyone attending. It's incredible what a versatile tool the shawl is for bodywork and positioning for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond! The rebozo can be used to relax the mother, align the uterine ligaments, calm the nervous system, encourage baby to move into an optimal birth position, alleviate hip pain, support the belly, balance the musculoskeletal system, carry a newborn baby, and so much more! There are basic techniques that can be used with a rebozo or any shawl that are simple and effective for anyone to learn. 

Learn techniques from Energy Healing, Rebozo Bodywork, and much more at the:
Healing Arts of Birth Workshop 
with Kara Maria Ananda
September 22 & 23 in Mount Shasta, CA
November 10 & 11 in Cypress, CA

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Are you an advocate for conscious birth and parenting? Are you passionate about empowering mothers, fathers, babies, and families today? 

Learn how you can be a Conscious Birth Emissary and join a growing global community creating a leading-edge birthing movement! 

The Conscious Birth Emissary Training is a global, self-paced, comprehensive and holistic course with printed workbooks, online video and audio classroom, online private support group, and personalized email and phone consultation support. 

You can birth the change the world desires for conscious birth of a global humanity!

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In order to create peace on Earth we must give birth to the children of today and tomorrow in peace. When born gently and welcomed with love, they have the emotional integrity to deeply bond with their parents, families, friends, and Earth, and the capacity to come up with the creative solutions and strategies to heal this planet of the crises and challenges that it faces. 

All humans have the capabilities to be creative, loving, confident, and co-create world change. Yet, when born in gentle loving peace, babies are given the opportunity to excel through nature's perfect design for humanity. When born in traumatic conditions, or lacking love, peace, or a healthy home, it handicaps the individual and creates a need for healing in later life, and an emotional blockage to creating trusting adult relationships. Such trusting clear relationships are needed for humanity to come together to create a collective shift in consciousness needed today. 

As I see babies born in peace and love, I see clear confidence and deep connection in their eyes. They gaze deeply into the eyes of another, not averting the glance or afraid of loving and being loved. As I see children grow into adulthood who have been born and raised consciously, I see young adults who are motivated, creative, powerful individuals not afraid to be the change needed today. 

I have faith in humanity because of the children being born today. They are filled with love and here for a reason. They are here to teach us how to truly love. Are you ready? Let us welcome them with gentle loving peace. 
Photography by Jade Beall, www.jadebeall.com
How are you feeling in this new wave of energy on the planet?

What is being conceived in your life at this time?

What are you gestating to bring to light this year?

Now is an extremely potent time to focus your mind, heart, and soul on your creative expression of what you most desire to create in your life and the world.

There has been so much buzz, anticipation, and speculation about the meaning of 2012. Clearly, we as humans on Planet Earth, are on the brink of crisis and creation. We have an incredible amount of information, technology, population, and challenges facing us. We have the potential for incredible breakthroughs and collaborations. We also have huge global challenges to address, clean-up, restore, and heal. 

I love what the visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard says about this moment in the cycle of time:  
"Our crisis is the birth of a universal humanity capable of 
co-evolving with nature and co-creating with spirit."  

We are birthing a universal humanity. To me this means that around this whole planet, we as humans need to focus upon being humanized. We see the greater role of our selves in the perspective of our greater history as humankind. To create a universal humanity we need to be kind - to each other, to other life-forms, and to the planet. Then we will awaken to a greater understanding of not only the meaning of our relationships with each other, and the planet, but within the whole universe

Barbara Marx Hubbard has created a movement called Birth 2012 to activate a new era of human potential and possibility to birth the new consciousness now. I support this mission!

I also feel that it is essential that the new paradigm of Conscious Birth be integral to the holistic model of changes needed to birth the new planetary consciousness. Changing the way we birth babies, and welcoming babies with love, peace and integrity, sets the internal codes for creating peace, love, and integrity throughout their lives. Birthing our babies in consciousness brings forth babies who will be able to have the capacities to tap into the greater creativity needed to find the solutions to the planetary challenges we are facing. 

It is time to awaken to new consciousness, and to birth this consciousness NOW!   

Be well, 
Kara Maria Ananda
Conscious Birth Emissary Founder
Author of The Sacred Nature of Birth: Natural Wisdom for Conscious Birthing

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Being an advocate for conscious birthing practices today means protecting the rights of pregnant women, babies, and families to have the information and access to the best childbearing care and practices possible. The most powerful advocates for improving maternity and infant care today are parents.  

Mothers and fathers have a powerful responsibility and opportunity to utilize the force of conscious consumerism and informed choice to push for their rights to birth and parent their babies in the way best for them. Birth advocates and professionals can work together to inspire, organize and support parents in local communities and around the planet to work together to improve maternal and infant health and happiness.  

In the process of creating a harmonious world and humanity, there is nothing more important than protecting the vitality, health, and spirit of babies, parents, and families today. Conscious birth and parenting is the key to creating a peaceful future, through honoring the importance of the primal period from the womb to age 3 in the formation of the psychological and physical blueprint of a human being throughout their lifetime.  

1- Know the Facts: There is a vast field of knowledge, science, and wisdom to conscious birth and parenting. Learning about birth is a life-long journey. Consistently read books, journals, and websites and explore educational opportunities. Study, witness, and keep an open mind. Listen and talk to mothers, fathers, and birth professionals. Gather reputable resources, know your sources, and share information with integrity.  

2 - Be a Conscious Consumer: Parents today have the right to choose their primary care practitioner, place of birth, maternity services, and infant care products independently, supporting conscious birth through conscious consumerism. The birth of a child impacts the long-term health and vitality of the mother and baby, as well as the wellbeing of the whole family. Choose carefully the best childbirth services to invest in for your new baby through research, informed choice, and conscious consumerism. Conscious birth advocates can also choose to support organizations supporting access and education for conscious birth today. 

3 - Conscious Social Networking: Social networks have changed how we share information by providing instant access to receiving and publishing information globally. Consciously utilize social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to share conscious birthing information, support, and news. Create your own website with a blog and write, share videos, links, create a resource guide, and connect with parents and birth advocates worldwide.  

4 - Create a Resource Library: Collect books, magazines, birth DVD's, and informational brochures to share with parents in your community.  Donate positive birth books and DVD's to the public and school libraries in your community. Improve access to conscious birthing information so parents can make informed choices about their birth and parenting practices.  

5 - Create Community Events: Bring expecting and new parents together in your community to create support networks, information sharing sessions, and resource guidance. Connect with local support groups for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting and see how you can support them. If you see a need in your community for a birth or parenting circle, birth awareness event, or community support group - then create it.  

6 - Share Birth Videos: Video is the most effective way to share information online today. Create your own videos, upload them online, and post them on your social networks. I put the first video I ever made up on Youtube in 2007 called Conscious Birth Affirmations - and this video now has over 111,000 views. Online video sharing through Youtube, Facebook, and other networking websites is a powerful way to share conscious birth inspiration globally and quickly. Hosting film screenings in your local communities is also a powerful way to bring people together and share information through showing birth documentaries. 

7 - Be Positive: Sharing positive birth stories and inspiration is the most powerful way to support an expecting mother and father's trust and confidence in birth. Scary birth stories perpetuate the epidemic of fear around birth. Be real and share the truth from the heart while focusing on empowerment, informed choice, and positive solutions. Inspiring people to choose conscious birth practices can create sustainable change in the culture of birth globally.  

Baby Jeva smiling on Day One!
The Birth of Jeva Ananda!
Our baby boy Jeva was born at home in the middle of the night, on the 15th of September. He emerged spiraling into the warm water of the birthing pool with eyes open into the hands of his father. After a 43+ week pregnancy, we were grateful for an awesome and empowering birth experience that was gentle and honoring of Jeva's timing and instincts. My husband Jahsah and I were the only ones present to guide and welcome Jeva into the world, and our intimate family birth at home was an incredible experience.

The Journey To Freebirth
Through careful consideration and planning, we choose to birth our baby unassisted, without any other people attending, as we felt strongly that this baby needed to be born in an undisturbed and sacred field of energy. We felt instinctively that this baby was wanting a purely undisturbed birth experience and that we needed to be prepared to honor his sensitivity by creating a sanctuary for him to be born with no interference or fear from us or radiating from the bio-fields of other attending people. 

Checking in with him daily throughout the pregnancy through meditation confirmed our desires to have a freebirth - the term Jeannine Parvati Baker coined for unassisted family-centered birth. I prefer calling it a freebirth as well, for I was not unassisted, I had AMAZING support from my husband Jahsah every step of the way. Throughout the pregnancy we listened regularly to his fetal heart tones, measured my belly, and took full responsibility for self-empowered prenatal care through nutrition, meditation, rest, exercise, and positive energy. We also felt great freedom in allowing our child to be born in the way we felt was best for our family.
Patience Makes Perfect

After being pregnant for over 43 weeks, I wondered when I would ever go into labor. Baby was strong and healthy, moving regularly with a steady heartbeat, so I trusted my intuition and waited. We did not find out the gender of our baby in pregnancy, so we discussed names for a girl or a boy. We had decided upon a girl's name early on in the pregnancy, yet kept changing our minds for a boy's name. The night before I went into labor, I was not really feeling convinced that we had the right boy's name, so late at night, I said, "What if we have a boy and we don't have the right name? Maybe he's waiting to be born until we know his real name." We discussed for two hours potential boy names, until Jahsah said "Jeva" and I said "That's it."

Agreed upon our boy's name, we fell asleep at 2 am, to awaken at 7 am with regular contractions. I would awake from sleeping to feel a tightening around my whole belly, groan a little, and then breath deeply with the belly hugs. After about an hour of waking up regularly to this tightening I said to Jahsah that I thought I was in labor. He said that he had noticed and was timing my groans, and they were coming every 5 to 10 minutes apart. I thought it must be a boy then for sure - because I started labor after we finally came up with the right name!!!

Spiraling Into Labor

It was exciting to be in awakening into labor, to know that at long last our baby was really coming SOON! I got up and made sure to nourish myself while I was feeling hungry and before the intensity of labor became amplified. I tracked my contractions for a hour and saw that yes - they were coming regularly - every 4-5 minutes apart and lasting for 45 seconds to 1.5 minutes. During contractions I needed to stand up, move my hips, and breath deeply. I was so happy to have signs of true labor. 

Through the rest of the morning, I enjoyed the sensations in my womb while spiraling my hips through the contractions. I breathed deeply and focused on opening my cervix, while circling my pelvis while standing, dancing, or sitting on the birth ball (an inflated physical therapy/yoga ball). Jahsah and I chatted in between contractions, as I noticed my need to focus growing stronger during each wave of energy flowing through my belly. Jahsah prepared then for our waterbirth by inflating and filling up the birth pool with warm water. 

The contractions felt best when I was moving my body so I continued to spiral and dance. I even tried hoopdancing in labor and it actually made the contractions feel less intense as well as being fun. Stationary positions made contractions significantly more intense, thus I moved, spiraled, and circled my pelvis throughout the whole labor.

Proud Pa
Birth Tones

I got into the birth pool because I was excited to try it out and get familiar with the watery circular environment, though I knew it was still a bit early for being in the water. The pool was relaxing and I tried out different positions in the water. Jahsah placed a speaker against the pool, and mixed a fabulous soundtrack of my favorite music, which really helped me to relax as I could feel the acoustical vibrations throughout the waters of the pool. 
As labor progressed, sound vibrations became increasingly essential for me through each surge. I would tone low sounds through each wave of energy and let the sensations pass through me. Toning was so vital for my ease and comfort in labor that I toned throughout each contraction the whole rest of the labor. While I was in the pool, Jahsah floated crystal singing bowls in the water and played them, which created amazing sound vibrations which reverberated through the water and within the circular walls of the pool. 

I wanted to move and be upright as much as possible in labor, so I left the pool to walk and sway around the house. I sat on the birth ball, spiraling, toning, and breathing while Jahsah played the didgeridoo, an instrument that makes deep tonal vibrational acoustics. It felt amazing to have the didg played around my belly and the contractions were very relaxing and easy during that time. The vibrations from the didg were so strong that I did not need to personally tone through them. 

As I toned and spiraled through the contractions, they grew closer together to three minutes apart, and over a minute long each. I got back into the pool and welcomed the warmth and buoyancy of the water as the contractions became more intense, and I focused deeper on surrendering to the waves. Jahsah played music on the speakers, and used the projector to show films of nature and sacred geometry on the wall in front of me. I spiraled to the music, toned through the contractions, and meditated on the moving images in front of me as I reclined floating in the pool, or leaned forward over the side on my knees. 

Each surge through my uterus became stronger, until suddenly I felt a deeper more powerful energy to each contraction. I toned with contractions and Jahsah would tone with me. I wondered if I was in transition or if it was an urge to push I was feeling? This new deep sensation was painful and intense. Jahsah went away from me for a contraction, and I had a really hard time handling the intensity on my own. When he came back I looked at him very seriously and stated - "You MUST tone with me through EVERY contraction FROM NOW ON!" - and he did!

As long as I toned and spiraled through each contraction, and Jahsah toned with me, then I could handle each one. Labor was painful at this point, the deep energy pushing down within me was overwhelming during the beginning and peak of the contraction. I didn't feel ready to push yet, so I got out of the pool to use the bathroom and then rested on in the bedroom on my hands and knees on the bed. 

The Birth Trance

In between contractions I would rest completely leaning forward on a pile of pillows. During the intense contractions I would rise to my hands and knees, move my hips, and tone. The sensations were all encompassing and powerful, and the rest in between was equally deep and restorative. I completely relaxed, and fell into a deep sleep, in the space of a few minutes at a time. I recall having dreams, but don't remember them consciously as each time I awoke my complete focus was on moving and moaning through the pain of my baby pushing against my cervix and moving through my pelvis. 

Jahsah would tone with me, also trancing out in between contractions. In this mutual undisturbed trance we spent hours, sleeping deeply in between contractions, and sounding through them. Jahsah listened to the baby's heart-rate at one point and it was sounding good so we knew the baby was all right. At some point, I ended up lying over Jahsah in between contractions, just collapsing over him and us both falling into a deep resting state in the minutes of respite. During this time, this contractions became more intense as I started to really bear down and groan with the second half of each surge. 

I remember feeling really grateful no one else was there to disturb us, watch us, or monitor me, because there was no way I wanted anyone checking my dilation or disturbing our precious moments of rest. We needed those moments to synchronize deeply with each other and the baby and to gather our strength and energy for our baby's emergence and to be alert those first few hours after the birth. 

I checked myself at this one time in labor, and I could feel the baby's head very close and it felt very strange and pointy because the crown had molded significantly during these bearing down contractions. I knew it was time to gather my energy, get really focused, and let this baby be born. 
Water Born

The pushing urge became much stronger and I found myself grunting and bearing down with more power during contractions. I got up from the bed to pee and get back into the tub. Jahsah warmed up the water scooping buckets of cool water out and replacing it with hot water, while feeding me coconut water and popsicles, and still toning with me through each contraction. 

He also continued playing me wonderful music, which I would tone and sing along with, and projecting sacred geometry and nature videos and art on the wall that I was facing, for me to focus on. The water was soothing with it's warmth and bouyancy, and the art and music greatly benefited my ability to simultaneously deeply relax and be alert by attuning my consciousness to relaxing vibrations. 

The pushing stage was almost overwhelming. Each contraction would beginning with an all-encompassing sensation coursing through my pelvis of the baby bearing down through the cervix. I would allow my hips to be relaxed as much as possible, and move them as much as I could, while toning ("OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!") deeply, and once I got a handle on the new contraction it would change to a deep guttural pushing and the baby's head started to push against my pelvic floor. 

The pressure of the baby's head stretching my pelvic floor muscles focused me on the imminent birth but I was nervous about the crowning moment. I would push with the natural powerful downward surge in my contractions, and the head was visible. Jahsah excitedly shared that he saw hair, so we knew that the amniotic sac must have broken in the pool because we never noticed my water breaking earlier in labor. In between contractions I could feel the baby's head retreating back up inside of me, and that feeling of the head rising back felt unbearable to me. I was determined to birth this baby soon! 

On the next contraction, the baby's head came down and I could feel the stretching sensation. I reached down and felt the head and realized just how close it was to crowning completely, so I said "Oh...", and just pushed a little more and the whole head slid out. The shoulders turned and the whole body spiraled into the water immediately following. While pushing was intense, the crowning and actual emergence of the baby felt very relieving. Jahsah caught the baby in the water and turned him so his face was up. We saw that his eyes were open, he was looking around, and waving his arms. 

I reached down and lifted his head out of the water and held him in my arms. We were so thrilled! Here was our healthy baby in our arms finally! I finally looked down at saw that it was a boy - he had waited to be born until we got his name right. We were so excited and grateful for such an amazing birth experience. Our baby was welcomed by just us, we got to be the ones to touch our baby for the first time, and the first voices our baby heard spoken. I labored for 20 hours, from the morning to the middle of the night. 

The water was beginning to cool down and I felt ready to get out of the bed, so we all moved to the bed. Cuddling with Jeva in my arms, I felt two more intense contractions and birthed the placenta about 20 minutes after Jeva was born. I was so grateful to have completed the birth and be holding this beautiful baby. Jeva was 9 lbs. exactly, and I didn't tear at all. He started breastfeeding right away after crawling up my chest to latch on by himself. He could hold his head up and look around from the beginning and he smiled showing us a dimple on his left cheek (just like his big brother). 
We did not cut the cord, we left the cord intact to the placenta and did a lotus birth, in which we cleaned the placenta and covered it with dried cedar and lavender powders and waited for the cord to dry and release from the navel naturally. During the days postpartum of the lotus birth, Jeva did not leave our bed, and I only left to use the bathroom. We were in a snuggly postpartum love bubble recuperating, resting, and integrating. This was a wonderful experience that is a whole other story in itself!

In an undisturbed natural labor, our bodies will give us only what we can handle, and I feel that my labors have showed me just how much intensity I really can handle. I'm not an exceptional person, I have a pretty low pain tolerance, so my ability to move, tone, meditate, and focus through contractions through two natural births (my first was 44 hours and my second 20 hours) has shown me how strong I really am. I was able to synergize my body, mind, and heart to welcome Jeva gentle in our home with peace and privacy.  He is an amazingly sweet being of pure light and we love him deeply! We are excited to have done it completely ourselves, and the experience brought us all profoundly closer together and even more in love. 

We are grateful for this being of light who has graced us with his presence! 
Welcome Jeva!


Jeva, 5 weeks old
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Do you know what's going on with birth in the US and the world today? We need to co-create change in the world of birth on both local, national, and global levels. Let's work together to become educated, aware, and conscious of maternity care choices and how we can improve the health of mothers, babies, and families around the world. 

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