The Healing Arts of Birth have been practiced by wise women, midwives, traditional healers, and shamans for thousands of years. Healers around the world have integrated bodywork, energy techniques, healing food and herbs, and natural therapies to support women in the childbearing year to have healthy pregnancies and births. 

Natural healing arts can offer effective pain relief and support for labor and birth without any of the negative side effects that narcotic and pharmaceutical pain relief can cause. Birthworkers, birth partners, and pregnant women can all benefit from learning techniques and practices from energy healing, massage, craniosacral therapy, rebozo, dance, yoga, sound healing, and holistic nutrition for improving labor experience and outcomes. 

There are skills from the healing arts that can provide prevention of common pregnancy and birth discomforts, as well as improve labor experiences, and reduce pain in the birth experience. Energy healing and rebozo are two areas of natural healing arts that offer simple and powerful techniques that anyone supporting a birth can learn quickly and effectively.

Energy Healing can relax a woman in labor, ease pain, and provide comfort. Vibrational medicine can be used for a woman experiencing a natural birth or with an epidural or during surgery. It is applicable to all labor and birth situations to improve and ease the experience. One birth that I attended, a mother had an epidural and was experiencing great anxiety and nervousness, and her baby was needing to rotate more in her pelvis to be born. I simply put my hands on her hips and sent the baby and her pelvis loving energy. Within a couple minutes the mother turned to me and said with a calm voice how amazed she was that she could feel that energy and warmth and how calming it was, even though she was numb to a pin poke in that area due to the anesthesia. The energy was greatly beneficial and she went on to have a healthy birth.

Rebozo massage is a comforting and diverse skill from the art of Traditional Mexican midwifery using a long woven shawl to sift or rock the mother and baby for comfort, relaxation, and to improve the position of the baby. When I teach workshops the rebozo part is often a favorite of everyone attending. It's incredible what a versatile tool the shawl is for bodywork and positioning for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond! The rebozo can be used to relax the mother, align the uterine ligaments, calm the nervous system, encourage baby to move into an optimal birth position, alleviate hip pain, support the belly, balance the musculoskeletal system, carry a newborn baby, and so much more! There are basic techniques that can be used with a rebozo or any shawl that are simple and effective for anyone to learn. 

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This is me at 41 weeks pregnant holding the mudra for opening. While preparing for baby to be born in their own time and pace I have been opening slowly - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and creatively. I am grateful to have practices that prepare me for labor by reducing stress, tension, and creating body/mind harmony. 

The most powerful ways I have been preparing for a gentle birth is through meditation, energy healing, music, dance, yoga, and art. The practices of art, music, poetry, dance, and prayer are known to induce similar brainwave states and changes in the body and mind as a laboring woman experiences in an undisturbed birth. 

While the mass culture around birth today promotes fear, worry, and stress in mothers, especially at the time of birth, I find the antidote to birth fear is to get into a state of flow through body-mind-spirit alignment through simple spiritual and healing arts practices. 

Mudras are yoga positions for your hands, fingers, and arms that invoke thought patterns and states of consciousness. The hands are recognized in bodywork traditions, including Polarity Therapy, Jin Shin Do, and Reflexology to be holographic representations of the body's energy systems. Mudras are very easy for moms to utilize in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum - whether breastfeeding or holding a baby!

I'm excited to share Mudras for Mamas - my new e-book because mudras are simple, and moms need easy ways to deal with stress and mudras are fun! Mamas can practice mudras practically any time - in pregnancy, in the car, on bedrest, while meditating, in labor, while nursing a baby, or carrying the baby in a sling. It can be useful to know to hold the mudra for patience when parenting a fussy baby, or the mudra for surrender when resting in labor. 

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Mudras for Mamas: Hand Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding

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