In order to create peace on Earth we must give birth to the children of today and tomorrow in peace. When born gently and welcomed with love, they have the emotional integrity to deeply bond with their parents, families, friends, and Earth, and the capacity to come up with the creative solutions and strategies to heal this planet of the crises and challenges that it faces. 

All humans have the capabilities to be creative, loving, confident, and co-create world change. Yet, when born in gentle loving peace, babies are given the opportunity to excel through nature's perfect design for humanity. When born in traumatic conditions, or lacking love, peace, or a healthy home, it handicaps the individual and creates a need for healing in later life, and an emotional blockage to creating trusting adult relationships. Such trusting clear relationships are needed for humanity to come together to create a collective shift in consciousness needed today. 

As I see babies born in peace and love, I see clear confidence and deep connection in their eyes. They gaze deeply into the eyes of another, not averting the glance or afraid of loving and being loved. As I see children grow into adulthood who have been born and raised consciously, I see young adults who are motivated, creative, powerful individuals not afraid to be the change needed today. 

I have faith in humanity because of the children being born today. They are filled with love and here for a reason. They are here to teach us how to truly love. Are you ready? Let us welcome them with gentle loving peace.