Kara at almost 43 weeks pregnant enjoying hiking and swimming in the creek.
I'm a 10 month mama now - I've been pregnant since November! I'm over 42 weeks pregnant - closer to 43, and baby and I are doing just fine. Yesterday we went hiking in the woods, I was climbing over logs, and immersed myself in the cold clear sparkling water of the creek before splashing with my 11 year old son in the water. I've been dancing, doing yoga, napping, and eating nutrient-dense food. I am ready for baby any day now, and also feel blessed to experience this extended time of pregnancy in which so much creative energy and insights have come through. 

Due to the induction epidemic in maternity care today, it is rare for a woman to experience pregnancy past 42 weeks today. Doctors frequently push for medical induction at 40 or 41 weeks. Most women are unaware that according to childbirth researcher Henci Goer, "There is absolutely no study, no evidence whatsoever, that routine induction at any gestational age improves perinatal outcomes", which I just read in the new issue of Midwifery Today magazine in the article on Postmaturity by Samara Ferrara, along with "As long as there are no signs of fetal distress, it is best for baby to stay in the womb". By the way - my article "Birthtellers: Healing Birth Through Conscious Storytelling" is also published in the new issue of Midwifery Today, Issue 99 - so check it out!

So we are contentedly waiting for baby to decide their natural timing to be born. We are calm and assured as baby has a strong heart and is still dancing daily in my womb. I am feeling good and enjoying some pleasurably pregnant days - as much of my early pregnancy was spent with extended nausea. Sure, my body isn't used to carrying around this much extra weight, I have few clothes that fit (or shoes), and rolling over in bed is challenging. I've nested over and over again, every time I clean the house I declare that I want to have the baby before it gets messy again. I've prepared all kinds of yummy foods for postpartum - and then eaten them all. I've been hiking, swimming, dancing, hooping, walking, meditating, doing yoga, napping, and more. I've rewashed and reorganized all the baby clothes, cloth diapers, and gear and made origami mobiles to hang from the ceiling. I've tried homeopathy, flower essences, acupressure, and massage. Natural remedies may work to induce labor if the baby if ready, however I believe nature has a divine timing and babies know when the right time for them to be born is. I've declared out loud to the baby and the Universe that it was time to be born NOW - and I'm still waiting. I have learned to surrender and enjoy the massive creative surge of energy I've been experiencing (interspersed with generous naps and occasional tears). 

The bountiful pregnancy creative energy has allowed me to tap into the potential of this waiting period and channel my creative energy into some great projects. I've written an e-book on Mudras for Mamas now available on the Birth Emissary site, plus another e-book to be shared in the future. I've added lots of new audio and video content to the Conscious Birth Emissary Training course online. My husband Jahsah and I are also excited to have launched our new website Conscious Leap. It's been amazing the creative downloads, ideas, and insights coming through! We are excited for this new transformation of our lives!

I think that it can be challenging for many women to escape the worry and fear that the culture of birth brings and to wait for a naturally timed labor without giving in to the pressure and threats of medical staff. However honoring the natural timing of the initiation of labor is extremely important in impacting the overall outcome of the birth. Medical induction immediately turns the birth into a medical event, necessitating a constant IV, electronic fetal heart rate monitoring, restricted movement, and dramatically increasing the risks of fetal distress, cesarean section, and much more. I have found that I have been able to maintain calm and patience through choosing to surround myself with only positive support people who respect my choices and instinctive birthing. I've had friends share some great birthing stories of being 43 and even 44 weeks pregnant! 

I also find great personal calm and strength through the practices of art, journaling, dance, movement, prayer, and music. It is interesting that these creative acts of art, dance, music, and prayer are all ways to connect with the Source of Creativity within us. These states of mindful creativity and appreciation create states of flow that induce brainwaves changes similar to meditation and to what women experience in natural childbirth. The creative arts have been profoundly supportive of my pregnancy experience and are facilitating a blooming of ideas as well as inner strength. I highly recommend for pregnant mamas in the third trimester and late pregnancy to take the time to connect with what inspires you creatively and invigorates your spirit - whether it's creating art, making music, dancing to music, meditation, yoga, singing, walking in nature, or swimming - and to create a sanctuary around you in which you receive only positive support and inspiration. 

Our baby will be born soon, when they are ready. We are waiting with great anticipation!

Be well, 

Kara Maria Ananda, Conscious Birth Emissary
Doula, Educator, Bodyworker, Author, Teacher, and Mentor

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Carole Perez
09/10/2011 17:17

bless you all for sharing so much love and trust with all of us. I have so in joyed being a part of your beautiful growing family as much as my own and my daughter mayan's. This time as you say is so very special and with such gifts... Why would anyone want to miss any of it. I stand with you in love and bliss. Carole

09/10/2011 19:52

Blessings Kara... You are beautiful and amazing.

09/10/2011 21:27

Beautifully written*...you are so blessed to be travelling this "ex-TEND~ed" time with baby still womb~side....you are tending to yourself and filling up your soul with creative life force to share with your baby through labour and beyond...just think how many woman miss out!...This just may be another missing link to our journeys as mothers. *love*

09/11/2011 06:14

Yay! Kara! You are awesome! I'm so excited to meet this new being. Blessings to you!

09/11/2011 10:14

You answered everything I've been wondering about. So well written! Lots of love and trust in your knowledge from this supporter!

Melanie Price
09/11/2011 12:28

Thank you for sharing! My son is 3 weeks old now and he was 22 days late! He is healthy as can be when he finally came! I am so glad I had a midwife who trusted all was good, she let us be until his heart tones were a bit off, then we went to the hospital for pitocin. We planned on a home birth but when heart tones weren't 100% perfect we decided to go use the drug. Luckily it does not cross the placenta and I was able to have him in 4.5 hours with no other interventions! It was the most beautiful hospital experience I could have imagined which is funny because we were so against going at all costs for the same reasons you listed.. Babies teach us patience and mine taught me gratitude for the beautiful experience that we had, proving that it is possible to have a fairly natural experience at a hospital (just have someone tell them what you want so you don't have to be outside your body as well as inside with your baby)! Good luck, hang in here and keep trusting in nature until it gives you a reason not to :) LOVE!

09/11/2011 13:26

Thanks for all your supportive comments! I'm glad to share and happy to enjoy this time as long as baby and I are healthy and feeling good!

Melanie - Thanks for sharing your story! I'm glad you had a good birth and a positive experience. I would like to mention though that Pitocin does actually cross the placental barrier - within seconds or minutes. There is no placental barrier for any drugs. Check out this link for some more info: FDA Obstetric Drugs - http://www.aimsusa.org/obstetricdrugs.htm

I'm not sure who told you that, but I've actually heard doctors and nurses tell patients that various drugs - even epidurals don't cross the placenta. They do! And there is still sometimes a time and place for them to be consciously used - but I hope to convey the risks and benefits with awareness!

As a doula, I have been witness to some beautiful hospital births. Conscious births at the hospital are possible and happen - with conscious planning and choices. I am thankful that exists for those who need medical support.

09/11/2011 17:46

Mama you are such a blessing. Thank you for sharing this story and your trust. It is powerful medicine for other mamas in this position. I too went 43 weeks and the instinctual trust that rose from within me showed me what was possible in my day to day life; to trust in the Divine flow of all things taking shape in the time that is perfect for everyone. I love being a part of your journey and hearing about your progress and think of you each and every day and send prayers to you and your blossoming family. I know you will continue to bless us with the wisdom this journey has shared with you and I thank you for that.

09/11/2011 22:25

Much love to you and your big belly of Joy kara :) your new baby will bring you and your family so much joy. good to hear you are well and healthy :) xxx

09/12/2011 10:33

So glad you wrote this. I can sense your calm voice and nurturing coming through. To all the mamas who are "past due," I honor you. I know it's so hard to wait in a culture that is all about immediate gratification...I myself am 39 weeks now and feel the "impatience" bug come...but like you write, babies come when ready and the womb is the safest place provided mama is well. Best wishes on your delivery!!

09/15/2011 10:14

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your journey and your thoughts on going beyond 42 weeks. All the best xx

09/18/2011 17:34

We also trusted in nature and refused induction, allowing our pregnancy to go to 43 weeks and 2 days. Labour came in naturally, but after 17 hours our precious boy was born still. I don't know for sure whether this was the cause, but I will always be left with such a terrible, lingering feeling that it's possible we would have our little one alive and with us if we had induced and delivered earlier. I am sorry that such stories also exist, but they must also be voiced. Best of luck to each of you with your informed decision making. X

09/21/2011 15:38

Thank you for all the comments! Baby Jeva was born at home in the water perfectly healthy at 43 weeks and 4 days. We are enjoying a peaceful babymoon at home. We are grateful to have trusted in him, we meditated daily, tuned in to him, and monitered his heart and movements in late pregnancy. Since he was healthy and active with no changes, we trusted in the natural flow and are blessed with a very peaceful baby who likes to do things in his own time. I have more to say about this matter of postmaturity and due dates - but will write more when we are more rested. Blessings and Love, Kara

08/20/2012 15:47

I am close to 43 weeks and only I can hear that my baby gonna be death .I hear this words from my due day .And even today Doctor send psychiatrist because they thinking that I am mental.I would like to keep as long as possible but I am loosing faith.

01/23/2013 15:13

Oh my.... I am 41 weeks and ready to bawl my eyes out. I won't be induced because my baby hasn't dropped yet but my doctor is giving me until 43 weeks. I give you kudos for being able to enjoy this.

ahsharah allen
03/21/2013 07:46

Wonderful story.i carried my last pregnancy until 44weeks and carrying this pregnancy at the moment 42 and and two days.

08/27/2014 13:57

Can't help but comment on the still borns...All of the ultra sounds done, could have contributed to death..It is now a "fact", that when one does ultra sounds while pregnant, it harms the baby and the amniotic water. In fact, they couldn't get any bacteria to grow on the amniotic water when it was scanned(ultra sound)...in "one" ultra sound, they got some bacteria to grow. Dead water.:( that is a "fact"..scientific proven..

08/29/2014 01:03

your blog has greatly blessed my soul and have given great comfort and patients.I am 44weeks pregnant and have feeling so worried but after reading ur story, I felt peace within me.knowing that my baby is still active and moving all the time give me reasons to be calm and wait for him to active by himself at the right time God has appointed him to come.I'll keep waiting for u my sweet baby.

09/13/2014 08:27

Hi Thrynareal,
Have u had your baby yet? I am about 43 .4 days or maybe a couple of days more..I too, am waiting for baby to come..So, just wondering how it went and when your baby was born..:)



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