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Listen in on March 17th as I join with Elena Tonetti, Marguerite Carney, and Elizabeth Davis to talk about "Midwifery: Birthing the New Emerging Family".
Following the release of the movie Orgasmic Birth, film-maker Debra Pascali-Bonero, also a internationally-recognized doula trainer and childbirth educator, teamed up with midwife and educator Elizabeth Davis to write the book Orgasmic Birth. I love Elizabeth Davis's previous books, including Heart and Hands: A Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, The Women's Wheel of Life (with midwife Carol Leonard), and Women's Sexual Passages - so I was thrilled that Debra teamed up with Elizabeth for the Orgasmic Birth book - this is a collaboration of two dynamic and leading birth activists and educators. I've had the pleasure of meeting both Debra and Elizabeth at Midwifery Today conferences in the past, and greatly enjoy both of their energy, classes, and teaching style.

This book is a fairly comprehensive overview of what decisions parents need to make to take back the power in their births, how to encourage intimacy during pregnancy and birth, the role of oxytocin and love hormones in birth, numerous references to some of the best resources, tools, and practices available for expecting parents today. I was impressed with all the different sources of information integrated into the text. The book is filled throughout with anecdotes and stories from mothers about their experiences with pregnancy and birth and what worked for them - some stories are touching, some inspirational, and others quite funny!

The Orgasmic Birth book (and movie) is not to make an orgasmic birth the ultimate goal, but to inspire parents-to-be to awaken to the truth that birth is an intimate and sexual experience, and to encourage expecting parents to educate and empower themselves to have the best birth possible. For some women that naturally is an orgasmic experience, but for others that may be having privacy, intimate time with their partner, and the undisturbed birth experience to allow them to go into a deep primal laboring space. It is within this space, that deep love and bonding are facilitated in an extraordinary way, and love is the most important ingredient for birth. 

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Become a Conscious Birth Emissary!
  • Be an Advocate for Mothers, Babies, and Families
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Enrollment is now open for the Conscious Birth Emissary Training! This is a self-directed, correspondence, distance learning class with a 396 page workbook, and email/phone mentoring leading to certification as a Conscious Birth Emissary. 

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The core curriculum of this course is held within the visionary workbook for Conscious Birth Emissaries - which is nearly 400 pages! You will receive a printed and paperback workbook as well as a paperback copy of "The Sacred Nature of Birth". It is so exciting to have the finished result ready to share with conscious birth advocates worldwide in this unique and transformational healing-arts inspired birthing program! 

For 13 years I have been immersed in studying natural birthing, holistic midwifery, the psychology of mothers and babies, and healing arts for supporting the health and vitality of families. My experience includes practicing as a birth and postpartum doula in all environments with a full-spectrum variety of clients, specializing in prenatal massage, bodywork, and craniosacral therapy - including craniosacral for babies, mentoring pregnant and new parents through conscious childbirth and parenting preparation and skills, and training pregnancy massage therapists and holistic birth doulas - as well as my own personal experience of being a mother today. 

The Conscious Birth Emissary program is the integration of all my work and study of 13 years to make this course available to birth advocates world-wide, in 12 parts through the extensive workbook, to co-create the shift to Conscious Birth today and integrate traditional and natural healing arts into pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care for the optimal health and well-being of families and communities.

It takes 12 sperm to surround the egg in a sacred geometry formation, for the 13th to penetrate and join in Sacred Union for the Conception of New Life - so through the journey of 12 parts of this workbook, you create the template to co-create the new living energy within your calling, passion, and creative work to share Conscious Birth with your community and the world. The 13th step is a phone innerview with KaRa leading to your certification as a Conscious Birth Emissary.

You are invited to join this program today! Enrollments are accepted globally and we are offering partial scholarships for those who are in need and demonstrate motivation to share this information with their communities!


Blessings, KaRa