Being an advocate for conscious birthing practices today means protecting the rights of pregnant women, babies, and families to have the information and access to the best childbearing care and practices possible. The most powerful advocates for improving maternity and infant care today are parents.  

Mothers and fathers have a powerful responsibility and opportunity to utilize the force of conscious consumerism and informed choice to push for their rights to birth and parent their babies in the way best for them. Birth advocates and professionals can work together to inspire, organize and support parents in local communities and around the planet to work together to improve maternal and infant health and happiness.  

In the process of creating a harmonious world and humanity, there is nothing more important than protecting the vitality, health, and spirit of babies, parents, and families today. Conscious birth and parenting is the key to creating a peaceful future, through honoring the importance of the primal period from the womb to age 3 in the formation of the psychological and physical blueprint of a human being throughout their lifetime.  

1- Know the Facts: There is a vast field of knowledge, science, and wisdom to conscious birth and parenting. Learning about birth is a life-long journey. Consistently read books, journals, and websites and explore educational opportunities. Study, witness, and keep an open mind. Listen and talk to mothers, fathers, and birth professionals. Gather reputable resources, know your sources, and share information with integrity.  

2 - Be a Conscious Consumer: Parents today have the right to choose their primary care practitioner, place of birth, maternity services, and infant care products independently, supporting conscious birth through conscious consumerism. The birth of a child impacts the long-term health and vitality of the mother and baby, as well as the wellbeing of the whole family. Choose carefully the best childbirth services to invest in for your new baby through research, informed choice, and conscious consumerism. Conscious birth advocates can also choose to support organizations supporting access and education for conscious birth today. 

3 - Conscious Social Networking: Social networks have changed how we share information by providing instant access to receiving and publishing information globally. Consciously utilize social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to share conscious birthing information, support, and news. Create your own website with a blog and write, share videos, links, create a resource guide, and connect with parents and birth advocates worldwide.  

4 - Create a Resource Library: Collect books, magazines, birth DVD's, and informational brochures to share with parents in your community.  Donate positive birth books and DVD's to the public and school libraries in your community. Improve access to conscious birthing information so parents can make informed choices about their birth and parenting practices.  

5 - Create Community Events: Bring expecting and new parents together in your community to create support networks, information sharing sessions, and resource guidance. Connect with local support groups for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting and see how you can support them. If you see a need in your community for a birth or parenting circle, birth awareness event, or community support group - then create it.  

6 - Share Birth Videos: Video is the most effective way to share information online today. Create your own videos, upload them online, and post them on your social networks. I put the first video I ever made up on Youtube in 2007 called Conscious Birth Affirmations - and this video now has over 111,000 views. Online video sharing through Youtube, Facebook, and other networking websites is a powerful way to share conscious birth inspiration globally and quickly. Hosting film screenings in your local communities is also a powerful way to bring people together and share information through showing birth documentaries. 

7 - Be Positive: Sharing positive birth stories and inspiration is the most powerful way to support an expecting mother and father's trust and confidence in birth. Scary birth stories perpetuate the epidemic of fear around birth. Be real and share the truth from the heart while focusing on empowerment, informed choice, and positive solutions. Inspiring people to choose conscious birth practices can create sustainable change in the culture of birth globally.